FileScan Inc. transfers paper documents into digital images that can be archived as .tiff, .jpg, pdf or other file formats. Digital images are of high-quality and have on-demand reproduction capabilities. Our advanced electronic labeling enables for quick searchable files that can be transferred to CD-ROM, DVD, flash drive or to a secure web address for secure online viewing . One four-drawer file cabinet, or 4 storage boxes (12x15x10), equals approximately 10,000 pages which digitizes onto 1 CD. 
FileScan Inc. offers secure online document management through an ultra-secure online system specifically designed to facilitate the management and flow of company information for organizations of any size and allows you to easily retrieve and deliver any part of that information -- anywhere in the world -- in an instant and are password protected for your safety.
In addition, your data is backed up several times a day through an advanced backup strategy that ensures all data is written to multiple media devices within hours of being uploaded.
FileScan Inc. can assist you with the secure destruction of your critical files or if you prefer to store them, we are ready to help you complete the process at our secure storage facility.
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